Connecting Market Research
Projects to the Right People

Connecting Market Research Projects
to the Right People

Connecting Market Research
Projects to the Right People


Market Research Recruitment

Using our purpose-built software and extensive network of contacts, we’ve been optimising consumer research in Australia since 1998. Farron Research has locations in Sydney and Melbourne but we recruit for sessions all over Australia. Our specialists have the skills and background to recruit research participants for almost all industries, from finance and insurance to telecommunications and motor vehicles.

Targeted Consumer Recruitment:

  • Focus group recruitment for Consumers, SMEs, and Professionals
  • Children’s groups
  • Specific ethnic groups
  • Medical and Health Professionals
  • In-depth interviews and paired interviews
  • Online Research
  • Taste tests and product testing
  • Large qualitative studies
  • Mystery shoppers
  • In-home product placement
  • Website usability studies
  • Online Communities
  • Online Surveys
  • Specialised Disabled Panel
  • Remove Children’s groups and replace with Children.

Our experienced team recruit for qualitative and quantitative research.

Quantitative market research involves collecting huge amounts of data from questionnaires, market surveys, and polling.

Qualitative market research encompasses methods that engage a specific market to learn about consumer habits, motivations, and pain points through focus groups or face-to-face conversations.

We believe high-quality data is the foundation of understanding consumer patterns. To get to this point, you need the right people. We can help.


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What Is Qualitative Recruitment?

Qualitative recruitment is the process of sourcing a wide enough range of consumer research participants who align with your requirements and who are willing to share their opinions, concerns, and thoughts. Finding the right people yourself is too time-consuming — and nearly impossible without the right technology. That’s why organisations across Australia come to us for help.

We Meet Your Requirements And Fully Manage Your Project

Effective recruitment starts with data-driven matching based on a comprehensive understanding of your requirements. We also handle management from day one, assigning a dedicated project manager and recruiter to your project.

We Find the Right People To Meet Your Requirements

No matter what your project looks like, our team will find the right participants to answer the ‘Why’ behind consumer behaviour in your market. We don’t just have industry-leading technology — we also have the experience necessary to think outside of the box and look beyond our existing panel to local organisations, special interest groups, social media, and more.

Need People in Specialty Niches? We Deliver

We are the recruiters organisations come to for challenging research projects. Our clients know we use targeted and complex screening processes and can provide a range of participants, even if you’re looking for individuals that fall within a specific niche.


What Is Quantitative Recruitment?

Where qualitative market research studies answer ‘Why’ questions, quantitative research answers the ‘Who’ and ‘What’ questions related to your market. What are your target customers’ preferences? Who is buying your products? What barriers are holding them back from paying for your product or service?

Insights from quantitative studies reveal consumer trends and habits. They give your organisation confidence in making marketing, product development, and operational decisions. With quantitative recruitment services from Farron Research, you can be sure you’re asking the right people questions and collecting the high-value data you’re after.

We Find the Right People for Your Requirements

With an extensive data base of respondents, from different walks of life, with different ages and different needs, we know we can recruit the people you require for your research project. We’ll also proactively contact organisations and groups outside of our panel if it will serve your study.

We Ensure a Successful Quantitative Market Research Survey

An effective market research survey, whether you’re using online survey questions, telephone interviews, or something else, will provide plenty of data that can be analysed using software and then compiled into comprehensive reports.

Your dedicated project manager and recruiter will problem-solve, guide, and go above and beyond to ensure you get useful quantitative consumer data. Working on your project from beginning to end, we can help you determine your goal, create questions for your survey, advise you on the best ways to collect data based on your objectives, and more.


Why Use Farron Research for Your Research Recruitment?

With expert project managers, proven processes, and intelligent software, you can count on Farron Research to help you gather powerful market data.

What sets us apart is our people. Our dedicated specialists go beyond research recruitment. We’re redefining market research with custom-designed technology, creative solutions, and a panel of participants 200,000 to 170,000.

Work with a team that can offer personalised attention and fast, targeted recruitment services, and count on a seamless market research project.

The Farron Research Guarantee:

  • Access to a vast pool of panel members from all over Australia
  • Dedicated project manager and consistent point of contact for the entire project
  • Tailored screening questionnaire, provided before the formal recruitment process starts so you can review and make amendments
  • Detailed project plan that outlines every step of the market research project
  • 100% in-house recruitment with highly effective controls ensuring all panel members are on spec — we never outsource our recruitment drives to a third party unless a client asks us to manage other recruiters
  • Systematic communication process with your candidates to maximise attendance at your sessions
  • Liaison with your chosen venue to facilitate the session properly
  • Cost-effective, competitive rates and exceptional service every step of the way

Let us handle the recruitment and logistics. Reach out today to learn more about what we can do for you. Call 02 9653 9869, 02 9651 4660, or 1300 787 417 or request a quote today by emailing [email protected].

Find out about our custom designed CRM SOFTWARE.

Key Contacts:

Ricky Dal Bianco – (Director) Direct Line 02 8355 4500 Mobile 0439 778 330

Jacquie Bell – (Director) Direct Line 02 8998 0714

Client Direct Line 02 9653 9869 After Hours Mobile Number 0407 623 038

Farron Research is a member of The Research Society, AMSRO and are ISOExperts ISO20252 accredited.