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We live in a customer-driven world. It’s the companies

that can effectively leverage market research and

understand their customers that are unstoppable.

Unlock Knowledge with our Content Library


Unlock Knowledge with our Content Library

We live in a customer-driven world. It’s the companies that can effectively leverage market research and understand their customers that are unstoppable.

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“Just a note to say thanks very much for all your hard work in finding the creative consumers for our workshop.
They were brilliant and contributed significantly to the success of the 2 days.
We wouldn’t have found such great people without you, so big thanks to both of you”

Clear Ideas

“Just a quick note to let you know that the testing went really well and everyone was really lovely. Everyone came on time and all gave valuable feedback. Thank you so much for your efforts and support during this time, you did a terrific job indeed.”

Objective Digital

“Thanks for sending this through, Dain actually gave me a call after the session to talk about his experience, so the fact that he has gone out of his way to go write a full email is so nice of him, what a champ!!”

“Can I just say I think this not only reflects well on GE and the research we conduct here, but also yourself, the recruitment team and Farron Research as a whole. The engagement we have with our research participants starts with you, and you make the first impression with our participants. If it wasn’t for the great work you guys do in making sure our participants arrive and are ready to engage with us in a positive manner, then feedback of this nature would never occur. I truly believe that you guys are often the silent heroes in projects like this and feedback like this only enhances that opinion.”

“Thanks for passing through this feedback and also for the great work you guys always deliver.”

GE Money

“We had full attendance bar one and all good participants – and great job with the teens too very confident and happy to be in a mixed group.”

Usability Melbourne

What to expect when you participate in market research taste testing

Taste testing is a market research activity undertaken by food manufacturing companies and market research organisations to compare the difference between two or more products. At Farron Research, our clients conduct taste testing activities to gather critical information about the consumer preferences of their target market. The results help them to improve existing products and develop new ones.

For example, you may have heard of the Pepsi challenge, an infamous taste test launched in 1975. Pepsi launched a taste test against one of the world’s most recognizable brands Coca-Cola in an attempt to increase their share of the carbonated soft drink market.  They discovered that people actually did prefer the taste of Pepsi to Coke, which gave the a competitive edge.. for a short while anyway.

At Farron Research, we conduct market research recruitment for companies undertaking taste testing activities. We choose the most suitable registered participants on our database, and connect them with the client conducting the taste testing research.

When you participate in taste testing, these are the type of questions you may be asked:

  • What do you like about the product you tasted?
  • What do you dislike about the product you tasted?
  • Evaluate the product according to appearance, colour, texture and smell.
  • Use the scale to indicate how much you liked/disliked the product you tasted:

7. Like very muchLike moderately

6. Like moderately

5. Like a little

4. Neither like nor dislike

3. Dislike a little

2. Dislike moderately

1. Dislike a lot

Use the following tips the most successful taste testing experience:

1. Use a good palate cleanser between testing samples. This will help distinguish flavours between the products you are testing and won’t affect the results. Popular palate cleansers include sorbet, apple slices, celery sticks, sparkling water and water with a squeeze of lemon.
2. Label the samples with numbers rather than the product name to avoid influencing the results with a preconceived notion about the products you are testing.
3. Focus only on taste by avoiding bias from:

a) Appearance – Use a blindfold to ensure the visual appearance of a sample does not affect your opinion of the taste.

b) Texture – Avoid touching the product, and do not move it around too much in your mouth.

c) Smell – Taste and smell are closely connected. Avoid smelling the sample, but don’t go so far as blocking your noise as this will affect the flavour. If you block your nose and then release it when the sample is in your mouth, you will be able to experience the full sense of the flavour with having your opinion affected by the smell.

4. Do not converse with other participants about the sample products as their perception may affect your opinion and vice versa.

So now you know what to expect when you participate in taste testing, register with Farron Research to take part in our taste testing activities, and other market research initiatives such as surveys, product testing, and focus groups. We’ll be in touch when you match the market research recruitment criteria for one of our clients.